Sunday, February 20, 2011

Allergies in the Air - Spring Break is Here!

This is 'Gator country!
Not just for the the University of Florida's Gainesville-based football team, but the original occupants of the land - ALLIGATORS!

This beaut was catching a few rays one March a couple years back when I cruised Dunn's Creek, a tributary off of the "upside-down" north-flowing St. Johns River. The unusual body of water runs "uphill" from a marshy section of central Florida, deepens to a depth which allowed a Civil War Naval Battle to take place near Sanford (North-West of Cape Canaveral)and enters the Atlantic Ocean near the Georgia state border.

College kids from around the country usually flock to Florida for a Spring Break, round about now, after going cabin-crazy on snow-bound campuses throughout the rest of the USA - Canada and few European. For years, Daytona Beach was a partying mecca, with white white-sand solid beaches where cars can be drive.

But for those who headed into the state's wilderness areas in search of sport - or on a "funny" mushroom hunt - could bump into one of Florida's living symbols, catching a few rays.

Always, with one eye cocked for any pale snacks which might splash his way!


  1. Just for a moment I thought it was lying on top of another monstrous beast and had other things on its mind.
    The side branches on the trunk looked like the limbs of another gator.

  2. 'Honi soit qui mal y pense' eh, wot, wot?
    Never crossed my mind - OTOH, it could have been the "MOTHER of all Crocs!"