Friday, March 18, 2011

Good News...Bad News...GOOD News...

Barnes & Nobles' PUBIT bean-counters inform me they have send a royalty check to my account.

Bad news is - the Eagle has not landed and the Bank Routing number used probably went straight into a Nigerian bank account somewhere on the Dark Continent.

Good News is my PUBIT schoolboy escapade feature, playing hooky to see Bella Lugosi in a matinee performance of Dracula in stodgy Olde England, matches sales of my epic WWII-era saga The Jekyll Island Enigma!

Bad News is Smashwords is taking forever to approve Premium status on the out-of-print but newly digitalized and formatted Palm Beach Scandals - An Intimate Guide.

The Good News is - its available and being eyeballed and bought BEFORE any promo of any sort, via Smashwords.

Go figure!

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