Friday, March 15, 2013

If you write it - might be best to Go to THEM!

    In the constatnly shifting world of publishing and marketing the Book Store and Sunday Supplement  Book Page are not the only venues to explore in getting the right book to the right reader ( an old antiquarian bookseller motto).
   Parking was at a premium Friday, March 15, when former Florida Game Warden Lt. Bob Lee launched his hardbound book Backcountry Lawman in the warehouse of the Putnam Feed and Seed Store on SR20. No limos or valet service ala Palm Beach - but plenty of pick-up belonging to hunters and lawmen (not always on the saw side of the law) - and fans or foes of Lee and his "guest" co-signer, Putnam's notorious poacher, Roger "Kat" Gunter.

   One of these days, when I'm not chasing deadlines and racing the clock, I'll reconfigure this snippet, but I do want to illustrate it IS possible to have a successful book-signing outside the norm.

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