Friday, December 17, 2010

FINALLY! The Jekyll Island Enigma is out there

After 16 years, a girlfriend, two agents, one cat, two dogs, countless rewrites, critics and distractions -- its GONE!

The story-behind-the-story (I should live so long) will be entertaining backstory for the alert Hollywood scout, trapped in Atlanta's Airport this holiday period, who happens upon it via his NOOK, KINDLE or app. Recently the X-Men paid a visit to Jekyll Island, so the camera tracks are already in place ;^))

JIE was uploaded to Barnes & Nobel's PUBIT, the ebook publishing arm of the company, last night. It will eventually work its way into other electronic outlets. I'm sure book-pirates worlwide are waiting with bated breath to re-work and package it. Lottsa Luck!

Now, where did I put those paints and water-colour pencils I picked up a while ago?


  1. The tags to this post are intriguing. Sit back and relax, Jack - and wait for the money to roll in!

  2. Another Jack Owens ebook. Can't wait to read it.
    Here's the link to get your ebook copy:

  3. Thanks for the link. Enjoy the read. The hiccups appear to be over and I've actually been reading myself with that "second shoe" syndrom hovering somewhere on my periphery. Not sure how to go about hooking/linking UK readers to the site? PUBIT sez it doesn't circulate there???
    Can Euro readers download NOOK App., to PC; or buy it via a Google Search, somehow?