Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ZUMBA zapped Speaker Space

I now know about Zumba, a combination exercise with canned Latin-rhythm music conducted by usually lithe, sinuous bodied dames who already look good in leotards. Only because the organizers of the "Electronic Publishing" talk I was booked to give - double-booked the site.

Fortunately a cozier location, surrounded by artworks created by ShakeRag exhibitors and supporters turned poet and writer for the night, was found. A baker's dozen of eager embryo e-book contributors peppered the two-hour gab-fest during a lively Q&A session. The last question posed coincided with my vocal chords reaching rasp-tone, and smile into rictus mode; captured on-camera by somewhat mature "groupies".

The divvy of donations netted a grand total of $15.00 toward the FOL (Friends of the Library) sponsored: "One Book - One Putnam" annual event. I have been assured it is a "milestone amount" in the fund-raising annals for the area.

Take that as you will!

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