Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pubit! puts it in (digital) Print - soon...

In a "test-drive" of Barnes & Noble's new entry into the E-publishing world, I submitted my short story (part of a proposed book with the tag "The Day...[Fill in the Blanks])

It ain't pretty in the preview, just basic typewritten copy, until I figure out the tweaks/program/method needed to navigate the space/indent/format the typeface protocols BUT - it should appear in a NOOK near you - sometime in the next day or so!
(see below)

Bela Lugosi - in the FLESH! is on its way!
Check back in 24-72 hours to see it available for sale on
To make changes to this title after it goes on sale, visit the My Titles tab to access and edit your eBook.

Hmmnnn...if that had been my "Great American Novel" it'd be "on-the-shelf" in time for the Holidays ;^))

Stay tuned...

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  1. I'll definitely be keeping my eye for this. Can't wait to read it.